World War II has just begun and four children, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie, are sent to live with Professor Digory Kirke, who lives in a country house in the English countryside with his housekeeper, Mrs Macready.

One rainy day, the children decide to explore the house. Lucy is curious about the wardrobe in an empty room, and discovers that it is a portal to a snow-covered forest with a gaslight post in the center. She meets a faun there, who introduces himself as Tumnus and invites her home for tea. He tells her that the land is called Narnia and is ruled by the ruthless White Witch, who ensures that it is always Winter but never Christmas.

Lucy returns through the wardrobe, having spent hours in Narnia, to find that only a few seconds have passed in England. She is unable to convince the others of her adventure, as the wardrobe now appears merely a wardrobe. Edmund, the next youngest of the four siblings, is particularly spiteful towards Lucy.

Several weeks later Lucy and Edmund hide in the wardrobe while playing hide-and-seek, and find that it leads again into Narnia. In the forest, Edmund fails to catch up with Lucy and encounters instead a pale lady on a sledge pulled by a white reindeer. She introduces herself as the Queen of Narnia, and enchants him with some magical Turkish delight. She promises to make him Prince and eventually King of Narnia, if only he will bring the other children to her castle.

After the witch drives on, Lucy finds Edmund in the woods and they return together through the wardrobe. Lucy mentions the White Witch and Edmund realizes that she is none other than the lady who befriended him. Back in England, Edmund lies to Peter and Susan, claiming that he and Lucy were just playing and that the wardrobe is no more than an ordinary one. Lucy is very upset at his duplicity.

A few days later, all four children scramble to avoid Mrs Macready, who is showing some visitors around the house. They hide in the wardrobe and find themselves in Narnia. Lucy guides them to Tumnus’s cave, but they discover that Tumnus has been arrested, just as the White Witch had threatened, and that his cave has been ransacked by Maugrim, chief of the witch’s secret police. A pair of talking beavers, Mr Beaver and Mrs Beaver, shelter the children and recount an ancient prophecy that the witch’s power will fail when two Sons of Adam and two Daughters of Eve fill the four thrones at Cair Paravel. The beavers tell of the true king of Narnia — a great lion called Aslan — who has been absent for many years, but is now “On the move again.”

Edmund, still in thrall to the witch, steals away to her castle; and the others set off to find Aslan when they realise that they have been betrayed. The White Witch treats Edmund harshly when he arrives without his siblings, and sets out in pursuit of them. But her power over Narnia is failing, and a thaw strands her sleigh. The other children reach Aslan, and a penitent Edmund is rescued just as the witch is about to kill him. Calling for a truce, the witch demands that Edmund be returned to her, as an ancient law (the “Deep magic”) gives her possession of all traitors. Aslan offers himself in Edmund’s place, and the witch accepts. Aslan is sacrificed by the witch, but comes back to life through “Deeper magic”: when one who is blameless willingly dies on behalf of the guilty, he may return to life.

In a final battle, the witch is defeated and killed by Aslan. The children become kings and queens, and spend 15 years reigning in Narnia. They grow to maturity before returning to our world, where they find themselves children again. They hear Mrs Macready still talking to the visitors in the passageway; their years in Narnia have taken no more than a few minutes of time on this side of the door.

They explain their adventure to the professor, who believes them straight away and tells them that they would return to Narnia one day, though never again through the wardrobe. ( Imformation from Wiki)



I must to say that Clive Staples “Jack” Lewis has uncommon imagination, he can make every character lively like a human, actually animals. I think this is a story for children, because he didn’t described much about war, so it wasn’t too violent for children to read, and all story was also full of animals which only appeared in fairy tales, like giant.



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